Planetary Completion

It has dawned on me that since my last “What’s on the Painting Table” blog post, that I have not shown off my finished work.

Here is my completed Planetary Empires set: Continue reading “Planetary Completion”


My expanding Waaagh! size

Well its been ages since I last posted anything, so what have I been up to?

To answer that, I
need to think of what my army was like almost 6 months ago and then fill in the blanks.

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Happy New Year!

Well 2014 ended on a very busy high (Wedding, Honeymoon and Christmas) which unfortunately left me no time for any hobby and so no updates to the blog.

Leading on from that, New Year Resolutions!

1) Stop buying models – (until I finish the ones I have already)
2) Paint more
3) Play more

I’m pretty sure that I’ve had these resolutions before but surely, painting and playing more should be on every hobbyist’s mind?

Hopefully, 2015 will see a (finally) finished Morkanaut as well as many other models.

What are everyone else’s resolutions?