Test Imperial Guard Scheme

After re-reading the battle report from White Dwarf 222: The Last Stand at Glazer’s Creek, I’ve been inspired to paint some Praetorian Imperial Guardsmen.

The original models are no longer available from the Games Workshop website and purchasing from eBay would be far too expensive, but there are plenty of head options available to use with the standard Cadian guardsmen bodies.

Before taking the plunge, I decided to try out a colour scheme on a regular guardsmen that I already had. 

A quick Google search found some pictures of Praetorians wearing a boney coloured armour (although the original models had no such armour) so I decided to give this look a try.

Praetorian Imperial Guard Colour Scheme Test Model

I can’t really decide what I think about this colour scheme. Part of me likes the bone coloured armour, but does it stand out too much? The same could be said for the white pouches on the belt.

A couple of thoughts I had were to paint the pouches brown, maybe keeping the belt white and to maybe paint the shoulder pads gold, or paint the entire armour red to try and blend it in with the uniform.

Let me know what you think.


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