I’m not happy…

This past Saturday, I once again took part in Octoberfest, the one day 40k event run by my local gaming club, First Founding.

Saturday it turned out, was not a good day for me and I am not happy about it.

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First Strike

At one of the schools I work at, we’ve started running a Warhammer Club.

In the past few weeks we’ve been getting quite a bit of interest from students who started at the school this September.

To try and inspire them I decided to paint all of the contents of the first strike starter set that I donated to the club.

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40K Campaign – The Siege of Falx – Updated Rules

After writing the first draft of campaign rules, I shared them with three gaming friends who I thought would be interested in taking part in the campaign.

The feedback was positive and a few questions were raised. Ideas have since been bounced back and fourth and I’m fairly confident that we now have a campaign that players would be keen to get involved in.

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